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Weight Bench

For anyone that has strength training in their fitness program, from beginners to the advanced, a weight bench is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to add to any home or professional gym. Why is a weight bench such an important investment? A high quality weight bench provides a stable, flat and cushioned surface for a wide range of strength training exercises for all parts of the body. Without an even, stable surface to perform these exercises minor and major injuries are highly likely.

A flat gym bench is the perfect accompaniment to exercises such as chest press, single arm rows, or dumbbell flys. Each of these movement require the steady, even support of the bench to isolate specific muscles and prevent other muscle groups from injury. For people that don’t include strength training to everyday of their routine, a flat gym bench can also be used for plyometric moves, abdominal workouts and bodyweight exercises. A great plyometric move that gets the heart rate up is knee-ups – place on foot firmly on the bench and keep one foot on the ground, use the planted foot to push the grounded foot off the ground and kick the knee into the air, make sure to do an even number of reps on each leg. A flat weight bench is also the perfect elevation for decline push-ups – simply place both feet on the bench and feel your arms burn as they word harder to push your body up.

If you want a bench that is more multi-purpose, we also offer an adjustable weight bench that can be flat or raised to different angles. Perform some should presses with the bench adjusted all the way to seating position (90 degrees) or adjust the bench to a 45-degree angle for an incline bench press.

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