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Wall Balls

What on earth is a wall ball and how am I supposed to use it? A wall ball is similar to a medicine ball in that they are weighted and well, shaped like a ball. However, wall balls are made of a fabric material rather than rubber meaning they can be thrown at walls and the floor with minimal damage. Don’t start using wall ball exercises at your local gym using a medicine ball, this could get you in a lot of trouble with management or even lead to a hole in the wall.

Wall balls and medicine balls can be used almost interchangeably because they have the same shape and wall balls also come in varying weights depending on your personal strength and fitness goals. Whether you are doing some weighted ab exercises or want to increase your heart rate with some added weighted intensity, a wall ball can do all these things.

One exercise that is unique to wall balls is wall slams or floor slams. These are great full body exercises that are frequently used in crossfit but are an excellent addition to any fitness regime. A wall slam begins in a squatting position, facing a stable wall – you should stand far away enough that you have to throw the ball to touch the wall. As you move from squat to standing position, ‘slam’ the wallball against the wall in front of you and catch it as you move back down to a squat.

For a more core-focused exercise, a similar movement can be achieved from sit-up position. Seat yourself in front of a stable wall with your toes almost touching the wall. The rest of your body should be in a sit-up position with the wallball in both hands. As you sit up, throw the wallball at the wall, slightly above you and catch the ball, as you are about to move down to a laying position.

A wallball is a great addition to a home or professional gym that has strong, sturdy walls for anyone that ones a well-rounded fitness program.

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