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Dumbbells are one of those pieces of equipment that you see in virtually every gym that are always in use, and for good reason! With varying sizes and weights, dumbbells can be used by almost anyone, regardless of your strength, fitness level or fitness experience. Dumbbells are great for individuals trying to gain size, lose weight, tone up or for simply shaking up your routine if you’ve hit a plateau and need an extra challenge. Urban RX stocks fixed weight dumbbells from 2.5kg to 30kg, which are sold in pairs.

Whilst barbells add weight to a workout just like dumbbells they can sometimes lead to individuals developing a ‘dominant side’ as weight can easily be unevenly distributed.  However, because dumbbells are carried on either side of the body it is easier to distribute weight and therefore keeps strength, size and appearance even on both sides of the body. Dumbbells are also more versatile and can be used to train abs or perform single leg and arm movements easier because of their compact size.

When using dumbbells or any added weight in training it is important to choose the right weight carefully. While you want to challenge yourself to achieve your fitness goals, working out with a weight that is too heavy can cause you severe muscle pain or even long-term injury. You want a weight that causes you to struggle towards the end of your set but should be doable from the beginning. Keep in mind that dumbbells can be used for almost anything, so if there is a piece of equipment at the gym that isn’t available substitute it with dumbbells! This way you still get your workout in without wasting time.



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