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Bumper Plates

For most situations bumper plates and iron plates are used interchangeably, especially in the gym. They are after all both used to add weight to a barbell, but there are in fact differences between the different types of equipment. The main difference between bumper plates and iron plates is their intended purpose. Of course if you are at the gym and there are no iron plates within reach you can definitely use bumper plates for your squats but bumper plates are better suited for Olympic lifting, power lifting or even deadlifts.

So, what’s the reason for their specific use? Well bumper plates are actually designed to be dropped onto the floor. You know those adrenaline filled moments when you’ve finished a gruelling set only to throw your dumb bells on the floor in pure exhaustion and accomplishment? Yeah…you’re not really supposed to do that. Dropping iron weights onto the floor will not only damage the weights themselves but also the surface that you are dropping them on.

Bumper plates on the other hands have a thick rubber coating that protects both the floor and the plates from damage. You also get a bit less of that ear shattering metallic clang that makes everyone turn around to look at you. So for any type of heavy lifting that will inevitably lead to some weight being dropped onto the surface below, you’re best option is a set of bumper plates.

Urban RX bumper plates are commercial grade, IWF standard with a large stainless steel insert. Some poor quality plates are completely rubber, which leads to faster deterioration. However, with a stainless steel insert and our thick rubber coating, your bumper plates truly become an investment, withstanding hours and hours of training. Urban RX believes that your exercise equipment should work just as hard as you, meaning we provide only the highest quality products to all our customers.

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